About FoodWandering Alex Profile
I’m Alex, a professional chef, traveler, and sometimes writer. Brooklyn has been my long-term home-base for nearly 18 years. Food and travel are the overriding passions that guide my life.

I’ve spent my entire life traveling; I lived in Germany for 8 years growing up, spent a college semester abroad in Ireland, have spent many months backpacking solo across Europe and Southeast Asia, and worked on farms and vineyards in France and South Africa.

In New York, I started my adult life as a software developer, but after a few years of that, ditched the corporate world for an unpaid internship in a French brasserie. I was taught on the line by many great line cooks and chefs, and have loved the life in the kitchen. For the last ten years, I’ve worked in a number of fantastic kitchens around New York, both in restaurants and in catering. I’ve received a star from the New York Times for a restaurant I opened in Brooklyn a few years back.

Unfortunately, most kitchen jobs aren’t very accommodating with vacation benefits, so I’ve had to make my own by quitting when the job gets boring or the road is beckoning.  Fortunately however, my amazing girlfriend Jenny has a similar need to travel, and we have very compatible travel styles and preferred destinations. In 2012, we packed up for a year of adventure as I took a job running the top restaurant in Kigali, Rwanda.

A year back in Brooklyn was enough to send us back out on the road. It didn’t hurt that we were losing our wonderful apartment to landlord renovations and the inexorable forces of Brooklyn gentrification.  Jenny secured a great job in Borneo for a year, and I was along for the ride. With my time there, I explored the local cuisine, the wealth of new ingredients, traveled extensively, and worked on my writing and photography.

This blog is a space to chronicle travels and adventures, to record and share discoveries of local dishes and ingredients, new recipes, and all of the other stuff, magical and mundane, that makes travel so compelling.