Disclosure and Terms

Here’s the fine print:

It’s a blog, why the hell are you reading the fine print? Is the rest of the content that boring, that you figure this might be a worthwhile read? Well, I’ll try to keep it from being too droll at least. I did not have my lawyer write this, because I don’t have one, and because who the hell is going to read an 8 page “Privacy” page that is lawyerese boilerplate. So, let’s reduce it down to the salient points and put it in readable language:

  •     Privacy: I scream, you scream, we all scream for privacy. That’s how it goes right? No? Regardless. I like surfing for paraplegic goat porn just as much as the next guy / girl without everyone knowing it. I’m not going to spill your secrets. I don’t know your secrets in fact. The NSA already has all of that, so why are you worried about me? If you’re that concerned, that you are reading every site’s privacy policy, perhaps your time would be better spent trying to get some genuine, caring people elected to government positions, who actually give a damn about the rights of their constituents? Step away from the computer. The goat porn will still be there when you come back. Seriously though, I don’t sell your information, I don’t do anything with it. If you subscribe to my blog updates, you get the blog updates, and perhaps at some point in the distant future, I’ll email you in real-time fried tarantulas and yak’s penis steamed in bile, or whatever it is I am eating that I want to share. That’s it.
  •     Affiliate Links: Some of the product links found on the site are affiliate links. What this means is that I make a very small commission off them if you follow the link and buy something. It does not cost you anything. For example, you follow a link to a book I recommend, and it takes you to Amazon. You pay the same price you always would for the products you buy on Amazon, but I get a tiny cut of Amazon’s profits, as I am sending them business. Most blogs do it, and it is a simple way for us to try to cover some of the costs of keeping our site up and running. If you want to support me, it would be great to always follow my links to Amazon anytime you want to buy something.
  •     Honesty and Transparency: Simply put, the views and opinions expressed here are my own. I am not compensated by anyone for my postings, I do not accept free travel, press junkets, or anything of that nature. If I write positively about something, it is because I have tried it, paid for it myself, like it, and think others should try it. Same for the negative stuff, except it probably means you shouldn’t try it. If I ever were to receive free or compensated travel or products, I will be very clear about it upfront, and I will not give favorable reviews just because it was free. Justin Bieber can pay me endless amounts of money to talk about him, but I will still maintain he is a douchey asshat of the highest order and, furthermore, his music sucks. I think this is very important, and everyone should demand this of the media they consume. I am disgusted by the many, many travel and food blogs out there that are just thinly veiled shills for crap.
  •     Original Content: Everything written here is my own original content. I might occasionally accept guest blog posts, in which case they will be clearly labeled as such. I am a freelance writer for various publications, and some of the content herein has grown out of pieces I have written for other publications, or vice versa. I will link to the relevant publications whenever this is the case.