FoodTranslator Android App Released

Today I’m officially releasing into the wild a project I have poured most of my time over the past few months into (and is the reason blog posts have been so sparse): FoodTranslator. It’s an Android food translator app I built, and it has been a year in the conception and making. And it’s free!

FoodTranslator unlocks local food around the world, giving you access to ingredients, dishes, produce, beverages and more.  Translate food terms, special vocabulary, groceries, menu items, dishes and beverages between English and other languages.  Decipher menus, order at restaurants, and shop at stores and markets with new insight and understanding.  Discover what the locals eat and escape the tyranny and monotony of the tourist menu!

Get it on Google Play

Currently the following languages are supported, with more coming soon:
•    Spanish (Spain) / Español : 890+ words and dishes
•    German / Deutsche : 1,240+ words and dishes
•    Malaysian / Bahasa Melayu : 930+ words and dishes
•    Indonesian / Bahasa Indonesia: 860+ words and dishes
•    Rwandan / Kinyarwanda: 250+ words and dishes
•    Jamaican: 120+ words and dishes

For each language, the dictionary contains:
•    Food vocabulary (i.e. ‘chicken,’ ‘milk,’ ‘vegetarian,’ etc.)
•    Useful phrases (i.e. ‘Where is the toilet?’ ‘What do you recommend?’ ‘I don’t eat…’)
•    Local dishes
•    Special vocabulary – local fruits, vegetables, cheeses, wines, and more!

Simple, straightforward design gives you access to useful functionality with no fluff:
•    Download and install languages in advance, or as you need them
•    Uninstall languages with one click to free up memory
•    Switch between any installed languages
•    Search for specific words, or browse the whole dictionary
•    Filter the dictionary by dishes, or by words and phrases
•    Browse in either direction: English -> Other or Other ->English

This small, lightweight app is designed with travel in mind:
•    Only download the languages you need, keeping your phone memory free for all the pictures of delicious new foods you’ll be trying
•    With languages downloaded, you can access all of the translations offline from anywhere in the world, with no need for a data connection. Handy for when you’re way off the beaten track in a new country.

Get it on Google Play