Found In Translation

Funny foreign signs, bizarre menu translations, amusing posters, labels that just seem to make no sense. An ongoing collection of things encountered traveling that just don’t translate the same linguistically or culturally.


Thailand Child Pickpocket

My favorite sign of all time.

Panasonic Gorilla Ad

A Mr. T gorilla? Why don’t we have ads like this at home?

Kuching Massage Flyer

I love my body! That’s why I put a pencil in a flower pot and shove it up my nose. It’s really the only way to deal with stress.

Kuching No Entry Sign

Seriously, don’t enter. I’ll shoot you in the back of the head.

Borneo Protected Area Sign

Dance, motherfucker, dance. And stay out.

Singapore Protected Area Sign

So violent, these signs.

Kuching Watch Your Head Sign

Watch your head or you just might get hammered.

Please Do Not Spit Sign

Variations of this are all over Southeast Asia, a result of the habit of betel nut-chewing and the thick, staining red spit it causes.

Sexy Chix Canned Chicken

If you think about it, chicken in a can is pretty sexy, isn’t it?

Goat Shower Cream

Want to smell like a pomelo, we got you covered. Want to smell like a goat, we’ve got that too.

Kicakapoo Can

Accept no substitutes. Only the original joy juice gives you that kick!

Kudat Restaurant Sign

They’ve covered a lot of bases here, cuisine-wise. But more importantly, you do not want to send your food back to the chef here.